What your neighbor isn’t telling you…

By Hanna Callaway

August 7, 2023

One of our favorite date night activities is exploring the older neighborhoods around Portland and appreciating the design and creativity of each home’s architecture. One thing that KILLS the beauty of a home is the lack of maintenance. An overrun front yard, cracked and peeling paint, missing shingles and mossy roofs are a few indicators that the home isn’t well cared for. A once vibrant exterior is now a shell of its former glory and can depreciate the neighborhood’s value. Your neighbors may not say it to your face, but a poorly maintained home does not go unnoticed. As homeowners, we understand the pressure and responsibility to keep up on your bills while making your home a safe place to live. The added stress of maintenance can certainly feel overwhelming. Over the past 4 years our business has seen hundreds of home exterior transformations and we have celebrated the success stories of our homeowners as they live a stress-free, low maintenance lifestyle.

Here are three ways to decrease maintenance and add value to your home:

1. Have Your Windows and Doors Inspected by a Professional.

Ask an exterior specialist to inspect the age and of your windows and doors. It is possible that you could be losing energy through outdated windows, running up your heating/cooling bill each month. If this is happening, weather and pest damage is likely to occur and needs to be addressed quickly.

2. Ditch the wood shingles.

As beautiful as they may be (until it begins to rain) these are a headache for homeowners. The constant maintenance and fungi build up isn’t worth it to most Portland homeowners. Check out this *quick reel for more information.

3. Upgrade to metal.

There’s a good reason metal roofs are becoming a fast favorite. There is hardly any maintenance, it sets your home apart from the rest and can last anywhere from 40-70 years. Not to mention the increase in home equity!


If any of these ideas have sparked questions or curiosity for you and your home, we would love to connect with you. At Boss Exteriors we strive to educate every homeowner so the power of decision making is in your hands. Together we can create a low maintenance, stress free environment where you can thrive, build wealth in your home and feel confident and proud of your homeownership. Set your home apart in your neighborhood – click here to get started.

Hanna Callaway

About the author

Gabe and Hanna Callaway are native Oregonians, love to hike the great outdoors with their daughters and are currently on the hunt to find the best burgers on date night.

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