Upgraded Roof in Milwaukie Expected to Last for Decades

By Gabriel Callaway

September 3, 2021

Even the roofs that are made of the most durable material in the market, are going to require some repair and maintenance in its expected lifespan. There are a lot of factors that may contribute to the damages that a roof may collect overtime but one thing is for sure, proper maintenance will save you not only the cost but also the troubles of dealing with a damaged roof. So for this particular roof in Milwaukie, we did a couple of needed upgrades and maintenance to extend the lifespan of the said roof. Here are some of the things that we did:

Installed New Flashings

One of the things we did was replace the flashings of the roof. Flashings are very essential to a functional roof as it basically is responsible for preventing water leakage. It is installed on areas where your shingles butt up against something like a wall or a chimney so that water is directed elsewhere and not into the roof. So to protect this particular roof, we installed new metal flashings (drip , rake , valley , pan metal , step flash). We also installed new ultimate plumbing vent flashings.

Upgraded Shingles

Another thing that we upgraded is the roof’s shingles. Now, roof shingles shouldn’t be an afterthought because it does so much to protect your home. So to maintain this roof’s structural integrity, we upgraded the roof’s shingles and installed Owens Corning TruDef Duration Shingles.

Installed New Exhausts 

Moreover, we removed the old power fans installed in the roof and replaced it with new RVO 38 can vents for exhaust. We also added 5 new ones, so it would total to 10 can vents for the whole roof. Apart from the mentioned upgrades, we also:

  • Installed Owens Corning WeatherLock ice and water shield on all penetration's and valleys
  • Installed Owens Corning Synthetic Rhino underlayment 
  • Installed Owens Corning Designated starter strip on all rakes and eaves
  • Installed Owens Corning Pro Edge ridge

By upgrading the necessary parts of the homeowner’s roof, we guarantee our client that their roof won’t be needing any replacement and major repairs for a long period of time. Because we are confident with the service that we provide, we give generous warranties on the materials that we use. Some of the warranties included for this project are the Owens Corning 50-year preferred protection non-prorated warranty and 10-year workmanship warranty.

For a foolproof solution to your current roofing problems, Boss Exteriors has got you covered. Call us now at 503-732-7663, and we will make sure you get the best roofing services you deserve.

Gabriel Callaway

About the author

Before Boss Exteriors, Gabe had his first company Callaway Construction Company for about 8 years. He started out of necessity to provide for himself and his family. Being self-taught, he was running everything solo for a couple of years in the beginning, and was doing all sorts of services. From flipping homes and doing all kinds of interior remodelling and contractor work, he recently shifted gears completely and niched down mostly to roofing, which is what Boss Exteriors is now. Channeling all his experience in being a general contractor for almost 10 years, he's now funnelling his expertise into the mastery of roofing to give customers an even better service and experience.

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