Superior Roof Replacement for Safety and Protection

By Gabe Callaway

July 26, 2021

Your roof can be considered one of the most important parts of your home. That being said, having a leaky roof can be a troublesome situation for you and your household members. It can even cause more harm than you would think. To avoid the worst-case scenarios, homeowners should not procrastinate when dealing with necessary roof maintenance and repairs. 

Your roof will inevitably age with time. As this happens, a lot of problems and issues may arise. Not only does it affect the upper half of your house, but it can travel all the way down to the foundation of your home. Thus, significant damage to your home’s structure can come about. Leaks and moisture that are not visible can greatly affect your home’s overall stability and durability. You might even risk having your roof collapse. 

Fortifying Your Home with Top Quality Roofing

The most effective way to prevent these potential complications is to replace your roof with a new one, just like what we did for this homeowner. This is what his old asphalt shingle roof looked like before.

You can choose from a variety of options when it comes to roofing material, but one of the most preferred among homeowners is metal, which is what we installed for our client. Compared to asphalt shingle roofs, metal roofs are much more durable as they will often last longer. Most of the time, these roofs can carry up to 50-year warranties, so your home can be protected from any external challenges like extreme weather. Other than that, metal roofs are also more sustainable and eco-friendly.

To replace their old and worn-out roof, the existing shingles were taken out and inspected. This is done so that we can identify rotten or moist shingles that need to be replaced. Installing the new roof was a complicated process that included several steps, which were all expertly and effectively followed through by our team. This is what our client’s roof looks like now!


With the assistance and expertise of Boss Exteriors, this homeowner had a successful roof replacement. As a homeowner, you should be thinking about turning your house into a safer and healthier home. Replacing your roof might be an intimidating decision for some, but this can ultimately be a great investment in the long run. 

For a foolproof solution to your current roofing problems, Boss Exteriors has got you covered. Call us now at 503-732-7663, and we will make sure you get the best roofing services you deserve.

Gabe Callaway

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