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Recent Roofing Repairs and Installations in Canby

Boss Exteriors is one of the most trusted roofing professionals in Oregon City, and other surrounding areas. We service residential and commercial customers to give you the best roof repair, installation, and replacement services.

Check out our recent roofing projects in Canby...

Installing a Brand New Roof for Free for a Canby Homeowner

We at Boss Exteriors are so excited to present a brand new roof and installation to the Taylor family as our way of helping people in our community who had unfortunate circumstances bestowed upon them by no choice of their own. We are very blessed to be able to work with many families all over

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Roof Upgrades for Easier Maintenance in Canby

According to the CDC, more than 150,000 Americans every year need to be medically treated because of injuries from roofing accidents. 97% of these accidents happen at home, often because people try to install roofs or repair them even if they aren’t qualified. Sometimes, it’s because they ignored issues like leaks for too long, turning

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Effective Solution to Roof Holes in Canby

Whether big or small, a hole in your roof will always be a problem unless you get it repaired right away.  If you ignore that hole in the roof thinking it’s no big deal, you’ll end up facing the following: Damage to your roofing material. Moisture will penetrate through the hole, which can damage your

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