Quality Roof for a Happy Couple in Beaverton

By Gabriel Callaway

July 4, 2020

If you’re a newlywed couple and you’re looking to buy a new home, we bet you’re feeling both anxious and excited! 

Buying a house for the first time is a huge step that takes a lot of careful planning. It’s best to prepare yourself for any setbacks that could happen during the process. If you fail to consider these, buying your dream house could turn into a nightmare.

It’s also a major financial decision. Unless you have generous in-laws or a trust fund, buying a brand new home could seriously deplete your bank account. One more affordable option is buying a second-hand home, but these could come with issues that need expensive repairs.

If the home you’re planning to buy has roofing problems, then there’s no need to fret. We at Boss Exteriors have the solutions you need with your budget in mind. Check out this newly wed couple we helped just this week.

Replacing an Old Roof in Beaverton

Josh and his wife are newly married with a house that needed a new roof. 

Most homeowners don’t really pay attention to their roofs. But did you know it’s actually one of the most essential parts of your house?

  • It protects us from rain, snow, and wind among other elements
  • It saves us on energy expenses as it keeps heat and cold out
  • It adds to the value and appeal of our home

Our client knew how important their roof was, that’s why they called us up! They were looking for quality while trying to protect their savings account and luckily, we had just what they needed.

Best 50-Year Roofs in Portland Metro

Our team of roofing experts installed a 50-year roof with free gutters and gutter guards. 50-year roofs like what we did for our client can actually withstand the test of time, as well as downpours, winds, and hail. It’s also covered by warranty for that number of years as well, regardless of any issues or defects.

We successfully completed the project in just two days. And once we were finished, we cleaned up, too—not a single trace of debris leftover! Cheers to another satisfied customer and another member of the Boss Family

Your roof is an important element of your home. Don’t overlook its care and maintenance! Instead of waiting for things to get worse, get it regularly checked and maintained by the experts. If you need help with your roof, you may reach out to us, and we will gladly help you. Call us now at 503-732-7663!

Gabriel Callaway

About the author

Before Boss Exteriors, Gabe had his first company Callaway Construction Company for about 8 years. He started out of necessity to provide for himself and his family. Being self-taught, he was running everything solo for a couple of years in the beginning, and was doing all sorts of services. From flipping homes and doing all kinds of interior remodelling and contractor work, he recently shifted gears completely and niched down mostly to roofing, which is what Boss Exteriors is now. Channeling all his experience in being a general contractor for almost 10 years, he's now funnelling his expertise into the mastery of roofing to give customers an even better service and experience.

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