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New Fascia Gutters and Downspout Installation in Portland

A roof can only last for so long. It is inevitable for a time to come when you’ll be needing to repair, upgrade or just conduct a general maintenance on your roof to ensure that your home is covered and protected. Some of the factors that warrant your roof for an upkeep are the natural wear and tear, low-grade materials installed, and extreme weather.

New Fascia Gutters

The old gutters of the roof have served their time and are now ready to be replaced. That is why we installed new 5 K fascia gutters. To complete a functional gutter system, we also installed corresponding downspouts.

Gutters are crucial as they are responsible for channeling the water on your roof during storms and such. If your gutters are all clogged and are just not functioning properly, you may end up with a bigger leakage problem on your roof, which can even lead to foundational problems. 

We also installed the Owen Corning Starter Strip, Duration Shingles, and Owens Corning standard hip and ridge shingles on all of the hip and ridge. Apart from this we added a new 2x4 curb mount skylight. All Owen Corning materials have a 10-year to 50-year Preferred Contractor Warranty.

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