Making Old Roof Look Like New in Portland, Oregon

By Gabriel Callaway

September 13, 2020

Everyone knows that the roof is in charge of shielding the house’s residents from rain and snow. But did you know that there is more to roofs than meets the eye?

Not all people know that roofs also contribute to the temperature inside our homes. Roof vents can regulate the air that comes in and goes out of your home, especially during hot summers and cold winters. Your roof also protects your home from all sorts of damage, whether it be mold on the siding or erosion beneath the foundation. It even resists harsh winds from hurricanes and tornadoes, as well as shields you from direct exposure to the sunlight’s radiation.

While these are the main power points of the roof, a worn-out one will perform significantly poorer than a well-maintained one. With the rainy season on its last leg and winter fast approaching, now would be the best time to get your roof repaired or replaced, just like what our customer had us do.

A New Roof for a New Resident in Portland, Oregon

Our client, who is a fresh face in the neighborhood, was concerned the roof on their new home would experience damage once harsher weather sets in. That would definitely not be a good start in their new home, so they gave us a call.

We took note of the client’s concern regarding the roof and weather, so we checked what sections of the roof would need fixing. Unfortunately, a simple repair was not enough for this project–the roof was so worn out that it needed to be replaced completely. With that in mind, we decided it would be best to re-roof the house instead of simply repairing it for our customers to avoid any further issues. It has to be done as soon as possible as well–any delays could expose the roof to more unwanted damage.

Once the plan was set, we went ahead and removed all layers of the old asphalt shingles. We then installed new flashing on all the house’s eaves and rake edges, followed by the removal of the chimney and the installation of ridge vents.

Once this was all done, we then installed their brand new 50-year roof using Owens Corning Black. We chose 50-year roofing material as it is made up of heavier and thicker premium asphalt shingles that come with a higher wind rating. Compared to typical asphalt shingles, these are durable enough to withstand the toughest, harshest weather that our client’s home may encounter.

Our client will also enjoy the added benefits of enjoying cooler days inside their homes during summer, and warmer ones during winter, thanks to the proper ventilation provided by both the roof and the ridge vents we have installed.

Of course, an excellent roof also needs an excellent gutter to further protect homes. If you didn’t know it yet, our home’s gutters prevent erosion and basement flooding, protect the landscaping and erosion, as well as other great benefits. While the gutter was not within the scope of the project, we decided to replace 250lf of the gutter for this homeowner free of charge as a special valued customer discount. Consider that as our house warming gift to them, a friendly gesture to show we are always ready to help in case their roof acts up in the future.

With a brand-new roof and upgraded gutters, our client does not need to worry about harsh weather anymore. Do you also want a stress-free roof? Call us now at 503-732-7663 and we will provide the best roof services you deserve.

Gabriel Callaway

About the author

Before Boss Exteriors, Gabe had his first company Callaway Construction Company for about 8 years. He started out of necessity to provide for himself and his family. Being self-taught, he was running everything solo for a couple of years in the beginning, and was doing all sorts of services. From flipping homes and doing all kinds of interior remodelling and contractor work, he recently shifted gears completely and niched down mostly to roofing, which is what Boss Exteriors is now. Channeling all his experience in being a general contractor for almost 10 years, he's now funnelling his expertise into the mastery of roofing to give customers an even better service and experience.

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