From Old to New: Reroofing in Beavercreek

By Gabriel Callaway

January 24, 2021

Roofs are our first line of defense against the elements, whether it be the blazing sun or the pouring rain. But oftentimes, these elements have long-term effects on our roofs no matter how durable they’re supposed to be. Rain can be particularly troublesome. Shingles can get torn away or loosen because of heavy rain. Eventually, your roof will deteriorate. It will leak, which will then lead to water damage, mold, mildew, rot, and other adverse effects.

Thus, we must make sure the roofs we install can handle the pouring rain. Plus, we must maintain our roofs to ensure they can still do their job. If there are any weak spots, they should be addressed right away, whether it requires a small repair or a full replacement. Issues that are ignored will result in disaster, putting you and your loved ones at risk. You wouldn’t want a compromised roof when you need protection the most, right?

In this week’s blog post, we feature a very smart homeowner who was prepared for the worst! Here’s what happened.

Rainy Season, No Problem for Roof Replacement in Beavercreek

The wet season happens from November to March across the state of Oregon. In fact, January is the coldest month of the year, while March brings plenty of rain. These are the months when our roofs matter the most, because we definitely need the protection during the rainy and cold weather. Unfortunately, major roofing issues will leave us and our families vulnerable and uncomfortable.

Krystal, our Beavercreek client, did not want to get put in such a situation. The roof of her home was already old and needed a lot of help, so she knew exactly who to call—Boss Exteriors! Our roof came in to do the job of roof replacement. Installing roofs during the rainy season can be a challenge, because the weather might not cooperate. That’s why it’s always important to let professionals handle the job, because you wouldn’t want any more problems with your roof!

Our team has the equipment and skills to effectively reroof homes whether it is dry season or wet season. We planned things so that the roof replacement would be done on a day that would not compromise their safety. Then, we tore off the old roof to make way for new shingles: Owens Corning Duration Shingles! These high-performance roofing shingles are built with SureNail® Technology to ensure their durability.

Krystal can now enjoy her new roof, as well as a 30-year warranty in case something happens! Our team always makes sure our clients are happy and satisfied, even after the project.

Do you also need to upgrade your home’s roof for the rainy weather? We will do the job for you to transform your home. Call us now at 503-732-7663 and we will provide the best roofing services you deserve.

Gabriel Callaway

About the author

Before Boss Exteriors, Gabe had his first company Callaway Construction Company for about 8 years. He started out of necessity to provide for himself and his family. Being self-taught, he was running everything solo for a couple of years in the beginning, and was doing all sorts of services. From flipping homes and doing all kinds of interior remodelling and contractor work, he recently shifted gears completely and niched down mostly to roofing, which is what Boss Exteriors is now. Channeling all his experience in being a general contractor for almost 10 years, he's now funnelling his expertise into the mastery of roofing to give customers an even better service and experience.

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