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In 2018, nine million acres of U.S. land were destroyed by over 58,000 fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). This includes 18,137 residential dwellings and 229 business

Given that your roof protects your home from the elements, including sweltering heat and intense snowstorms, it must be able to withstand any weather. However, roofing issues are inevitable. Your

Your roof is more than just the visible shingles you see at first glance. At a closer look, you'll see it is composed of different parts and pieces that all

The popularity of metal roofs continues to rise – and for a good reason. This roofing material offers low maintenance, easy installation, and impressive durability. So if you're considering a

Dealing with a leaking roof is never fun. If anything, it can be a hassle-filled experience that will drain your time, effort, and money. So once you notice visible leaks

With various roofing options available in Portland, it can be quite an overwhelming task to choose one that fits your needs. The choice usually boils down to two popular options:

When choosing the best roofing option for your Pacific Northwest home, one front runner is a flat roof. It is increasing in popularity by the day primarily because of its

The terms drip edge and gutter apron is no stranger to most roofers in the country. But, it can be confusing to some homeowners.Drip edges and gutter aprons are essential

When you see unsightly water stains on your ceiling or notice more obvious signs such as water dripping– your roof may be leaking. Leaks happen when the roof is damaged,

The term "metal roof" usually covers a broad term– comprising different materials, styles, and sizes. Since there are various metal roofing options today, it can be challenging to determine the