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What is the project manager, and what do they do?

The project manager is responsible for scheduling and change orders during the project.

Who is the superintendent, and what do they do?

The superintendent manages the workflow and production crew. He/she is responsible for communications between the customer and the crew.

Where are you located?

Boss Exteriors is located in Canby, Oregon, and we serve the greater Portland Metro area.

How long has Boss Exteriors been in business?

We’ve been in business since 2018, and our staff brings decades of experience from the home improvement and contracting industries.

What makes Boss Exteriors different from other companies?

Too many homeowners know the all-too-familiar frustration of trying to get in touch with a contractor but never hearing back. We know how it can feel when your time is disrespected, so we prioritize quick and consistent communication. We actually answer the phones, write estimates in a timely manner, and build genuine relationships with our customers. We back all of our unbeatable customer service with detail-oriented workmanship. 

Do you provide financing options?

Yes, we’re partnered with Service Finance so that you can make monthly payments on your home improvement project.

Do you provide insurance claim assistance?

At this time, we don’t work directly with insurance companies for homeowners insurance claims. 

 Are you fully licensed and insured?

Yes! Our company has the necessary workers’ comp insurance, and we’re licensed in the state of Oregon. Our license number is CCB226249.

What warranties do you offer?

Roof replacements come with a 10-year labor warranty and a 50-year prorated manufacturer’s warranty from Owens Corning. All repairs come with 12 months of warranty coverage, as required by the state contractor board.

Can you install metal roofing?

Yes, we can install asphalt shingles and metal roofs.

What types of siding can you install?

We can install James Hardie fiber cement siding and vinyl siding.

Can someone on your team help with the design of my exterior project?

Yes! We have a design specialist on staff who can help you choose the perfect materials, brands, and colors for your home exterior project. 

 Do you offer siding repairs?

Yes! We can repair your damaged siding.

What types of gutters do you install?

We install 5 and 6-inch K-style seamless gutters in a wide range of color options.

 Can you install gutter guards?

Definitely! Gutter guards are a great option for people who want to keep their gutters clear from debris. 

What brand of windows and doors do you install?

Our preferred brand for windows and patio doors is Milgard. We love how they offer high-quality products in a wide range of styles. 

What does your general contracting service encompass?

We can provide a large number of services under the general contracting umbrella. Examples of some of these services are custom exterior work, dry rot repair, deck repairs, patio covers, interior restoration, and tree fall damage.

 How quickly can my project start?

We aim to provide on-site estimates within a week of your initial request. Once you’ve signed your proposal, we can typically schedule your project 2-3 weeks out. 

How long does it take to replace a roof?

For average-sized homes, asphalt shingle roof replacements typically take 1-2 days. Metal roof replacements may take 2-4 days. This timeline is weather-dependent, so there may be delays in the instance of inclement weather.

Does a metal roof cost more than a typical roof?

Because metal roofing is a premium home product, your new roof will likely cost double or triple the price of an asphalt shingle roof. On the other hand, a metal roof is equivalent in price to tile or cedar shake roofing. You can expect your metal roof to cost less if you already have an existing slate roof.

You will never need to worry about your roof again, no matter what type of metal roofing you choose. Almost every metal roofing comes with a genuine 30 to 50-year warranty. Additionally, it will increase the resale value of your home, reduce the cost of energy bills, and assures you that you will likely never have to re-roof again.

What material options do I have with a metal roof?

There are many metal roofing options available and among them are the three most popular being copper, aluminum, and galvalume steel. Copper may cost a premium, but it makes for a beautiful and long-lasting material for your roof. The most economical is aluminum, but it is also the least rugged.

If you want a robust and rugged roofing material that is more affordable than copper, you should opt for galvalume steel.

Does a metal roof make your house hotter?

It is the other way around. A high-quality metal roof cools down your house because it consists of a reflective coating that bounces the heat from the sun away from your home. They may save your energy bills by up to 20% a year and lower the temperature in your attic. On the other hand, asphalt shingles make your home hotter, especially during summer.

How long will a metal roof last?

With a sound paint/protection system, a metal substrate should last you an entire lifetime. Over time, some metals may require refinishing. Most metal roof problems are caused by poor artistry rather than the product itself.

Are metal roofs environmentally friendly?

Definitely! Metal reflects solar radiation better than other roofing materials, allowing your property to stay cooler in the summer. If you’re looking for more methods to reduce energy consumption, metal roofs make an excellent foundation for solar panel installation. Additionally, metal roofing uses recycled materials to some extent, and the roof itself is nearly 100 percent recyclable. It is considered one of the “greenest” roofs in the market.

What will happen to a metal roof in a lightning storm?

Despite what you’ve seen in the movies, aluminum roofs do not draw lightning. You never have to worry about your house, even in the presence of the fiercest electrical storm.

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