Expert Roofing Replacement in Oregon City

By Gabriel Callaway

November 23, 2020

Roofing in its prime will be able to protect you and your loved ones from the elements, whether it be strong winds or blazing heat. Unfortunately, not all roofs last forever. Many factors can affect your roof’s performance. These include nearby trees, water damage, poor ventilation, and many more. But there is one factor that wears down roofs, and it is fairly common—old age.

Roofing materials have lifespans. Often, shingles will lose their protective features over time. They curl up and become more prone to weather damage. And when roofs become too old, you can no longer repair them and need a complete reroofing.

Replacing a 25-year-old Roof in Oregon City

For this week’s project, we worked with a homeowner named Susan. Her roof was 25 years old and now showing the typical signs of wear. The fiberglass in her roof was already exposed, resulting in extra loose granules found in the gutters.

Issues like the above should be addressed right away. A variety of things can happen if you delay necessary repairs or replacements. You would subject your home to water damage, which is the bare minimum that could happen. If worse comes to worst, your entire home could collapse because you failed to replace your roof. 

Susan was concerned about the state her roof was in. She did not want to risk any damage to her belongings. Neither did she want to put herself and her family in danger. Thus, she reached out to our team of expert roofers since one of her neighbors, who we previously serviced, had referred us to her. We’ve handled many projects like this before, so we knew exactly what to do.

Installing a Completely New and Much More Durable Roof

First, we started with a complete roof tear-off. We then repaired and replaced the synthetic underlayment with an ice and water shield. This will prevent any possible damage that could be caused by wind-driven rain or ice dams. Next, we repaired and replaced the damaged metal flashing with Owens Corning Duration shingles. This material is actually one of America’s most recommended roofing products, which is why we often use it in our projects. It also comes with a 30-year warranty, guaranteeing our services in case anything happens. All of this took only two days.

If you want to stay on top of any roofing issues you have, we suggest a yearly inspection and maintenance from Boss Exteriors. This way, you can avoid any costly repairs in the future if problems get worse. At the first sign your roof needs repair or replacement, we are the team for the job!

Do you also want a brand new roof? Call us now at 503-732-7663 and we will provide the best roof services you deserve.

Gabriel Callaway

About the author

Before Boss Exteriors, Gabe had his first company Callaway Construction Company for about 8 years. He started out of necessity to provide for himself and his family. Being self-taught, he was running everything solo for a couple of years in the beginning, and was doing all sorts of services. From flipping homes and doing all kinds of interior remodelling and contractor work, he recently shifted gears completely and niched down mostly to roofing, which is what Boss Exteriors is now. Channeling all his experience in being a general contractor for almost 10 years, he's now funnelling his expertise into the mastery of roofing to give customers an even better service and experience.

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