Curb Appeal: the value in first impressions.

By Hanna Callaway

July 7, 2023

Home is where the heart is, and the heart can quickly be seen in the care of your exterior. With the summer heating up and invitations being sent out for BBQ’s and backyard hangs there has never been a better time to create a welcoming space for yourself and others. 
If you feel like your home could use a refresh or you’d like to make a great first impression on your guests, here are three ways to add value AND beauty to your home. 

1. Front door envy.

Many homeowners will add a pop of color to their front door, along with planters and/or outdoor seating. It’s welcoming and sends a message that you care about the details of your home.

2. Add a deck or patio cover to your exterior.

As we escape outside during these glorious months ahead, give your loved ones a space that shades them from the heat and adds comfort. Patio covers give off a great amount of shade, will reduce the heat flow into your home and provide a place to hang out even as the sun goes down.
A deck provides a clean and practical place for entertaining while upping the resale value of your home by at least 76%.

3. Refresh your paint color, and have your siding examined for signs of wear.

Warm weather is the perfect time to refresh your paint, and double check that your siding is in excellent condition for the fall/winter months. Planning now will ease your mind as we head back into the colder months. Imagine yourself 6 months from now, stress-free, knowing your exterior is in pristine condition to protect you from the elements.
Your home doesn’t have to be a source of stress. It should be a place of comfort, security and happiness. When you make time to take care of your home, you’re investing in your future as well as your peace of mind. Click here to learn about the services we provide.

Hanna Callaway

About the author

I’m Hanna, and I’m the Brand Director at Boss Exteriors. I grew up in Philomath Oregon and now live in Damascus Oregon where my husband Gabe and I raise our 3 beautiful daughters. I love writing and recording music, drinking coffee and traveling.  If you bring me Chocolate or Coffee Ice cream, but make it Dairy Free I’ll be your new BFF.

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