Is It Time To Replace My Roof? 6 Signs For Roofs In Portland.

Posted By Gabe Callaway

6 Signs to consider when deciding on investing in a new roof.

When it comes to the longevity of your roof, you need to factor in weather, proper installation and quality materials. The age of your home plays a major role in these calculations, however your roof will show you what’s really going on if you know where to look. 

Here are 6 signs your roof needs an upgrade.

1. Damaged shingles 

Shingle damage is common in the Pacific Northwest due to stormy weather and low-hanging tree branches. There are other factors at play but due to substantial rainfall and high winds, our Oregon homes take a beating each winter and spring. Branches can puncture shingles and create costly repairs for homeowners, as our customer Sheila can testify to. 

“I knew that the older trees near my home were bothersome, but it wasn’t until this last windstorm in March that I realized how detrimental they could be.  After one of the branches broke off and punctured the roof, creating water damage in my living room I decided I couldn’t be passive about my home’s exterior any longer. The repair was done quickly, but it was still painful knowing I could have prevented the problem if I had done some maintenance.”

2. Moss 

This small plant can wreak major havoc on your roof.  Since moss thrives in cool, damp environments it’s a perfectly lethal combination for our Pacific Northwest homes. Once moss finds a place, it grows exponentially and eventually becomes several inches thick. Why is this a problem? Moss retains water, which can filter into your roof system and create mold and water damage to your attic and crawl space.  This small fuzzy plant suddenly becomes a big issue and could be a sign that your roof needs attention.

3. Shingles are missing or cracked.

This problem arises after high winds or poor workmanship. Make certain to check the quality of your roof after an installation or after a major storm. Walk through a final inspection with your contractor to discover any installation issues, and make it a point to inspect your roof after a storm.  Most insurance companies will pay for storm damage and a quality contractor will resolve any installation issues. The faster you see and note these problems the better because every shingle plays an essential role in maintaining the integrity of your roof.

4. Your shingles look Patchy

Patchiness points to granule loss. Granules are pulverized rocks and as you’ll notice below, significant granule loss will result in ”patchy” or bare spots on your asphalt shingle. Loss of granules will happen with age, but excessive loss typically means that your shingles are falling apart and your roof will soon be fully exposed to the elements (this is common sign of roof leaks).

5. You can see light from your attic

Let’s hope this isn’t the case but if you can see light coming through your attic, your roof is extending an open invitation to the outside world. Inside the home, rodents, insects, and the elements are pests creating hazards for your health and family.  Water damage will spell disaster for your well-being as well as your bank account. 

6. Visible warping or sagging to your roof

This is a cry for help from your home. Call us immediately if your home is showing signs of sagging. This is a sign that the support layer (the roof deck) has failed and can’t support its weight. The structure of your home is compromised. Additionally, rainwater is potentially damaging the interior of your home creating possible health issues for your family.

“The key is in not spending time, but investing in it”- Stephen R. Covey

If you notice any of these warning signs, please take a moment to connect with our office and schedule your free full-scope inspection. Our Exterior Specialists will provide a detailed discovery on your home, allowing you to make smart investments that improve your peace of mind and impacts your home’s future equity. 


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