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Cost-Effective Siding Repair for an Estacada Home

Is there any damage to the exterior of your home that you want to be fixed, but you don’t exactly have a lot of money to spend on repairs? Don’t worry, that’s a situation we bet plenty of homeowners can relate to.

Our houses, no matter how beautiful they look now, will eventually be subject to the ravages of time. If you inspect your home’s exterior closely, you may see cracks and misalignments that, if left unattended, may cause serious problems. Thus, keeping your house in tip-top shape is a necessity. But while you want to fix the issues outside your home as soon as possible, you should also consider the costs along the way.

Budget limitations are something we expertly addressed in this week’s project. Read on to see that quality repairs are attainable, without breaking the bank!

High Quality Yet Affordable Siding Repair Services in Estacada

Our client Ronny called us because his home’s old-school T1-11 siding was showing signs of wear and tear–there was bubbling, buckling, and warping! Because of the failing siding, he was starting to have water problems which can lead to MORE damage. With these issues present, Ronny had reached out to several companies for help. These contractors gave him the option of replacing all of the siding with brand new ones, which of course wasn’t great news for his wallet.

After discussing things with Ronny, we put ourselves in the homeowner’s shoes and offered an alternative, cost-effective solution that would only require 14 sheets to be replaced. We could leave the rest of the siding that was perfectly fine alone, allowing us to get the job done without compromising quality.

Our team installed Hardie Plus siding in Boothbay Blue and trimmed the windows, doors, and corners in Arctic white for a classic combination. Not only this reduces the number of sidings to be replaced tremendously, but it even also cuts the need to buy paint as a bonus because the Hardie Plus siding was already pre-painted.

Whenever you get something repaired in your home, you have to consider the quality-to-cost ratio of the materials that you will use. Our end goal at Boss Exteriors is to find a material that will benefit the homeowner in the long run without crippling their budget, thus we always work with very reliable materials. Take a look at Ronny’s repair job, for instance. We know that the Hardie Plus sidings are both sturdier and cheaper compared to other siding brands.

With the new siding and trim in place, Ronny could not express his gratitude enough for not only having a quality fix but also saving money and effort in the process. You could say that Ronny is very happy about the improvements!

Our services at Boss Exteriors focus on client communication. We make sure that we look at the problem from different angles before we start the job to give our clients the best solution tailored to their needs and budget.

If you want to level up your home’s exterior, or are looking for more cost-effective ways to repair any damage, all you need to do is reach out Boss Exteriors. Call us today at 503-732-7663 and get that project done like a Boss!

Helping Beaverton Homeowners with Quality Repair Projects

It’s time for you to sell your home. You’re so excited about finally making a sale and moving on to greener pastures, but then the home inspector’s report arrives. Your deal is about to fall apart because your house needs a few repairs! 

Are you in a situation like this? You aren’t alone. It’s easy to miss out on the damage that naturally happens because of the passage of time. Unfortunately, when it’s time for you to sell your house, the home inspector will be able to point out everything that needs fixing, from dry rot to wall cracks.

It’s just a few repairs, right? Shouldn’t it be no big deal for buyers? False.

The truth is, most buyers want homes that only need a few repairs as they would like to move in right away. The damage in your house will lower the number of people who’d want to buy it. Your prospective buyers most likely don’t want to deal with the costs and inconveniences of having to make a repair. If there are any buyers that are looking for a fixer-upper, what’s on their mind is just a repaint, not something major like a re-roof! And when they do want to push through, they’d ask for a huge discount to allow for the repair costs AND the effort.

In this week’s blog post, we feature a homeowner whose sale wouldn’t have successfully pushed through if not for our help. Read on to find out how we handled this project!

Repairing Fences, Siding, Trim and Electrical Outlets in Beaverton

A homeowner from Beaverton, OR called us in tears asking for our help. She was looking forward to selling her home until she received the home inspection report. The report called out several things that needed to be repaired before the sale could push through. And she only had three days!

Her #1 concern was whether we could come out, take a look at the project, and get everything done within that three-day window. Of course, our team is always ready to help out homeowners in need of our services. We showed up and walked her through the inspection report, assuring her that we would have everything done before her deadline and within her budget.

For starters, we fixed her already rotted fence that had fallen over. We used cedar for this repair, which is an extremely durable material that can outlast other wood types.

Next, we replaced the rotten siding on her chimney, rotten siding on the backside of her house as well as siding that had been eaten by animals!  For this, we made use of T1-11 siding, a very versatile building material that’s easy to work with.

We then used standard window and door trim to replace the trim around doors and windows that had rotted. Our team even repaired some electrical outlets AND painted every repair done with high-quality paint!

All of this was completed in only two and a half days. And guess what? Our client’s sale was a success!

Buyers often won’t bother to check out homes that need a lot of work done. Even if you’re able to sell it, it will be at a lower price than you expected. Boss Exteriors can help! We provide you with the highest quality of contractor services, with honest pricing and excellent customer communication so you can make your successful sale. If you want to get started with your project, you can call us at 503 732 7663 today.

Repairing a Leaky, Rotting Roof in Portland OR

A roof is a home’s crowning glory. Not only does it make a house look better, but it also provides shelter and safety for its residents. If you’re going to rely on a roof to protect you from all types of weather and natural disasters, you need a sturdy and long-lasting roof that can withstand all kinds of outside forces.

Damaged roofs are unavoidable, especially when your current roof has taken a lot of previous damage from all kinds of weather. This is why maintaining your roof’s condition is important—it would do you well to check out and inspect your roof every now and then to see if any repairs need to be done.

Damage brought about by cold and wet weather can also cause your roof to deteriorate. And because natural causes of roof damage are nearly unpreventable, you will really need to step up and ensure your roof is well equipped to face the battles to come.

Even damages that can be prevented due to lack of maintenance and improper installation can also bring about problems. But don’t worry, we have great news! Whether it’s caused by the wrath of Mother Nature or being unable to maintain your roof due to a busy schedule, we are here to help.

A Leaky, Rotting Roof in Portland OR

A client we recently helped had a roof that was badly beaten by the weather and the passage of time. Their kid’s bedtime was often interrupted due to water leaking into their second-floor bedroom. Leaks like this don’t just affect your bedtime—don’t forget the possible severe health and disaster risks! A wet, leaky roof invites a lot of mold and mildew which can compromise our lungs and immune system. And should the leaks reach the floor, it may cause someone to slip, fall, and injure themselves. The leak from the roof can endanger the homeowners as well as ruin wooden furniture and walls.

In situations like this, you will need roofing experts. And we happen to be a group of highly-skilled, fully licensed, and insured tradesmen located in the Portland Metro! They called us up for help, and we were down for the job.

This project was a challenge but it was nothing new to us: missing and deteriorating shingles, a leaky and rotting roof. We’ve seen similar cases before, so we knew what to do by the time we finished our inspection.

The customer called us about a water leak issue. When we arrived at their house, we discovered that their old roof had aged terribly due to weathering. Most parts of the roof had already rotted and a lot of shingles were nowhere to be found, leaving holes and cracks that enabled rainwater to leak into their child’s upstairs bedroom.

1-Day Roof Repair and Installation in the Portland Metro

Their roof was no longer safe to use and would continue to compromise the inside of their home and their health if left unattended. We know how important safety and comfort is for our customer so we did not waste a single minute. Our team immediately tore everything down to the plywood to ensure that the rotted materials will no longer be causing any further damage. And because we value our customers, we removed their chimney free of charge as a courtesy. This is how we handle things here at Boss Exteriors!

We replaced the old material with 6 new sheets of plywood. These were sturdier and better than their old plywood and will hold longer than what they previously had. Our team also installed a brand new, state-of-the-art ice and water shield to help with the cold and wet weather. While the weather change may be inevitable, we have the right tools to help protect the roofs of our customers.

We also used a new synthetic felt for the padding of the interior of the roof to ensure great ventilation and temperature. To top it all off, we installed a 50-year-roof that will be more durable than ever, using Owens Corning duration material in Sierra grey.

It only took us 1 day to repair and finish everything from the damages to further reinforcements. Yes, you read that right. Just a single day! Even if this project only took a day for us to accomplish, we guarantee the quality and satisfaction to all our valued customers.

As soon as the roof was installed, our customers were very happy with the output. They were very thankful that they could immediately enjoy the benefits of their new, sturdier roof.

If you think your roof may have a potential problem, it won’t hurt to ask. Have your roof inspected today to secure your comfort and safety. ​Please don’t hesitate to give us a call today for a free estimate! If you want to get started with your project, you can call us at 503 732 7663 today.

Amazing Roof Makeover in Beaverton

For most people, us included, our homes are one of the most important places in the world. It is where we and our loved ones stay, work, sleep, and play. There is nothing more beautiful than enjoying the company of the people that are most close to your heart while feeling safe and secure in your house. But this fun and comfort might disappear in an instant!

The roof is a vital part of our home that serves as a shield against the wrath of nature. However, it can be vulnerable to time and natural disasters. It can also be subject to rot which can lead to structural problems when it becomes prevalent in the crucial sections of your house. Serious rot damage will result in areas of your roof disintegrating and falling apart.

Can you imagine your house without a roof because it had completely rotted out? Do you think it would still be comfortable? 

Roof rot can be a hidden killer because you might not know when it will attack. It isn’t exactly noticeable as it often happens in the most difficult-to-reach areas, which is why you should get your roof routinely checked and maintained to prevent any future issues that might affect our families.

Beaverton Homeowner Needs A Roof Makeover ASAP!

A homeowner in Beaverton was having problems because of deferred maintenance. They were not aware of the possible impact of not cleaning their roof for years. Consequently, they suffered a range of issues that include:

  • Overflowing gutters that had caused rot against the plywood sheeting as well as the fascia boards
  • Moss build-up that resulted in the worn-out and rotted appearance of their roof shingles

These seemingly small issues can lead to even bigger problems like roof leaks when the rainy season comes and eventually result in the disintegration of other parts of their house. 

Our team of 5 people worked together to solve our client’s dilemma. We removed all the damaged and rotted shingles, plywood, and fascia in their home. These were replaced with high-quality materials that not only boost their home’s curb value but also prevent any immediate structural issues. The team used Owens Corning Duration Shingles for the main portion of the project and Owens Corning Deck Seal for the low pitched section. 


We completed the whole project for only two days, with professional and incredible craftsmanship. Restorations and repairs like this can be delicate, but our team observed utmost finesse and speed unlike any other.

Comfort in Beaverton Home Thanks to Quality Roof Repair

With just a few days of work, our team was able to complete the project. Now, he and his family can peacefully enjoy the comforts of their home without the worry of their roof (and other parts of their home) rotting. They are now safe, especially when the rainy season begins. 

Boss Exteriors can manage all of your roof issues. We provide you with the highest quality of roofing services executed by our versatile team members, with honest pricing and excellent customer communication. Our family-owned local company will surely provide you with affordable prices and a quick work response. If you want to get started with your project, you can call us at 503 732 7663 today.

Resolving the Effects of Deferred Maintenance in Oregon City

Do parts of your home look rotten or worn out? Unfortunately, that may be one of the most significant signs that your house needs a maintenance check. Although a service like that may seem expensive up front, it will save you a considerable amount of money.

Most homeowners deferring their routine house maintenance, which can be tempting considering our busy schedules and regular expenses. But you need to remember that deferred maintenance can, later on, have detrimental effects on your house’s form and foundation. Typical problems include broken fixtures and masonry, funky room odors, and, considerably significant, the disintegration of your house’s structural materials that can be quite expensive to repair.

To prevent these issues from arising, you should conduct performing regular house maintenance. You can paint your house every 5 to 7 years or do an annual inspection of your caulking to ensure that it is in good running condition. Without a doubt, this will cost you a sum of money—however, going for the cheapest option may not be the wisest choice.

Deferred Maintenance Resulted in Rotted Sections of an Oregon City Home

One notable example of the effects of deferred maintenance would be an Oregon homeowner we recently serviced. At a distance, his house looks perfectly fine. But he observed that several areas of his home had already started to rot, so he contacted our team right away to resolve the issue.

Upon inspecting his house, we noticed that the interior’s trim consisted of the cheapest type of wood available in the market. This type of trim retains moisture even after months of dry weather conditions. We also observed improper flashing above the trim, which allowed excess water to run over the poor choice of trim and worsen the problem. Furthermore, we discovered that the caulking and painting were not checked and maintained, so the protection that both of those were supposed to provide was nonexistent. 


As a result, the rot had already penetrated inside the trim and sheeting underneath the siding. In a few places, the rot had passed from the sheeting into the 2×6 walls of the house. Fortunately, the family contacted Boss Exteriors as soon as possible! If not, these could have caused significant damage to the foundation of their home and its eventual collapse.

Oregon City Homeowner Can Now Relax In His Beautiful House

To give this family instant relief, our team removed the entire wall and checked which of the sheetings were in poor condition. We then removed all the sections that were damaged and rotten. After this, we tested the insulation of the house.


We found two specific areas where we had to remove the windows and the 2×6 walls. These were replaced with superior quality windows and sheeting. Once we had set everything in place, we started with the siding process. 


Our team of four fixed the rot and shored up the structure, completing the project in nine days.  Now, this Oregon homeowner and his family can enjoy their home knowing that they will be safe and comfortable for years to come (as long as they keep up with maintenance). They also get a 50 years warranty, all within their budget!

Unrivaled House Maintenance in the Portland Metro

Boss Exteriors specializes in solving routine house maintenance problems. We have a professional and expert team who deliver prompt and efficient services to our clients. We also ensure that the materials we use are of the highest quality. If you want to request an affordable routine house maintenance today, you can reach out to us at 503 732 7663.

Effective Solution to Roof Holes in Canby

Whether big or small, a hole in your roof will always be a problem unless you get it repaired right away. 

If you ignore that hole in the roof thinking it’s no big deal, you’ll end up facing the following:

  • Damage to your roofing material. Moisture will penetrate through the hole, which can damage your roof material. Instead of spending a few books on hole repair, you might end up shelling out wads of cash to get your roof replaced!
  • A risk to your health. It’s not just moisture you need to worry about. Any humidity that can enter through that hole can cause mildew and mold. These create health risks for you and your loved ones, especially if you have breathing problems or asthma.
  • Critters in your home. That small hole could be big enough for insects, mice, squirrels, and more! Not exactly the type of guests you’d want in your home.

Read on to learn about how we helped a Canby homeowner with the holes in his roof!

An Awning that Created Holes in a Canby Roof

Matt needed to remove the awning that was attached to his roof. Unfortunately in doing so, he left a number of holes—bad news! 

He gave us a call, and our team of roofing professionals was up for the challenge. Because customer’s needs are always a priority, we made sure to work around his schedule to accommodate the construction and demo.

Quick, Effective Roofing Repairs in Portland Metro

The crew came in and patched as well as replaced the areas around the holes. Because we’ve encountered situations like this many times, it was a quick job for our experienced contractors. We made sure we did everything right so his roof would be solid again. 

A hole in your roof is an invitation for disaster. With one in your home, you risk exposing yourself to a lot of problems from animal infestation to water damage. Those temporary patch jobs just won’t do—you need to hire a trustworthy roofing contractor who can repair up the hole professionally.

If you need help with your roof, you may reach out to us, and we will gladly help you. Call us now at 503-732-7663!

Repairing a Rotted 70-Year Old Roof in Portland Metro

We, homeowners, are responsible for taking care of our homes. This is an important task, not only because we must make sure our houses are up to code, but to also ensure their security, safety, and comfort. Think of it as an investment that will keep giving back as long as we maintain it. 

Maintaining older homes with sentimental value can be a bit trickier though. We want to keep their personality, but we also need to make the necessary changes. Take for example the roof—the longer it’s been around, the higher the need for it to be replaced. 

Homes that are older than 20 years of age often don’t just need repairs—they need to be replaced entirely. It’s most definitely the right time for you to get your roof replaced if it has breaks, cracks, and other problems that come with the passage of time.  Even if it looks like it’s in good shape, there might be small issues that only experts can spot. Your old roof could be made of materials that aren’t as strong as what we have today, among other things to consider.

So what do you do when your older home with sentimental value needs a new roof?  Well, you’re in the same exact situation as one of our clients in the Portland Metro. Read on to find out how we handled the situation!

Dealing with Roof Rot in Portland 

Graham is a nice man that is helping to take care of his father’s hand-built 1950’s house. It is a gorgeous house with a 2.12 pitch that was in dire need of a roof, along with a new fascia. The California built-in gutters of the roof as well as several new sheets of plywood also needed to be replaced as rot had set in. 

Roof rot is never good news. Even if you don’t constantly see it, you will eventually feel the effects. It will lead to problems like plaster falling off and spots of water on your ceiling.

Combining Curb Value and Sentimental Value

Because of the sentimental value of his father’s home, we went about the project very carefully. Our team removed the wood in the numerous areas of rot, making sure to get all the fungus. We also cleaned the area within the radius of the rotted section. The rotted sections in the roof were replaced. Next, we replaced all of the fascia and the paint. Lastly, we removed the California gutters and placed standard 6K aluminum gutters, which are much more durable and long-lasting. 

Now our client is satisfied with how we made their old, rotted roof look like new without losing its personality. Another happy member of the Boss Family!

Don’t let your rotted roof get you down. If you need help with your roof, you may reach out to us, and we will gladly help you. Call us now at 503-732-7663!

Quality Roof for a Happy Couple in Beaverton

If you’re a newlywed couple and you’re looking to buy a new home, we bet you’re feeling both anxious and excited! 

Buying a house for the first time is a huge step that takes a lot of careful planning. It’s best to prepare yourself for any setbacks that could happen during the process. If you fail to consider these, buying your dream house could turn into a nightmare.

It’s also a major financial decision. Unless you have generous in-laws or a trust fund, buying a brand new home could seriously deplete your bank account. One more affordable option is buying a second-hand home, but these could come with issues that need expensive repairs.

If the home you’re planning to buy has roofing problems, then there’s no need to fret. We at Boss Exteriors have the solutions you need with your budget in mind. Check out this newly wed couple we helped just this week.

Replacing an Old Roof in Beaverton

Josh and his wife are newly married with a house that needed a new roof. 

Most homeowners don’t really pay attention to their roofs. But did you know it’s actually one of the most essential parts of your house?

  • It protects us from rain, snow, and wind among other elements
  • It saves us on energy expenses as it keeps heat and cold out
  • It adds to the value and appeal of our home

Our client knew how important their roof was, that’s why they called us up! They were looking for quality while trying to protect their savings account and luckily, we had just what they needed.

Best 50-Year Roofs in Portland Metro

Our team of roofing experts installed a 50-year roof with free gutters and gutter guards. 50-year roofs like what we did for our client can actually withstand the test of time, as well as downpours, winds, and hail. It’s also covered by warranty for that number of years as well, regardless of any issues or defects.

We successfully completed the project in just two days. And once we were finished, we cleaned up, too—not a single trace of debris leftover! Cheers to another satisfied customer and another member of the Boss Family

Your roof is an important element of your home. Don’t overlook its care and maintenance! Instead of waiting for things to get worse, get it regularly checked and maintained by the experts. If you need help with your roof, you may reach out to us, and we will gladly help you. Call us now at 503-732-7663!

A Successful Roof Repair in Portland

Checking the condition of your roof every once in a while is necessary to ensure the security of your home. Sometimes, problems might be difficult to notice at first so you have to be keen when inspecting your roof. In some cases, you do not need to check your roof to know there might be a problem. If you own an old house with a roof that was built before the 70s, chances are it already needs a repair. 

Old homes were likely built with a shiplap, which is a type of substrate. To be more specific, these are wood planks used to create a solid surface so contractors can attach shingles to your roof. While it is a good material, it may pose several problems in the long-run. 

If you are going to think about it, roofs with shiplap are at least 50 years old. Wood that old is certainly almost dried out, and that only means one thing! It is already brittle and can break anytime, meaning it may put you and your family in danger. Furthermore, dry wood planks are likely to have gaps, cracks, and knotholes that may allow a leak, especially during a heavy downpour. 

A Portland Homeowner Needs a Full-house Resheet 

A homeowner in Portland contacted our team because their cedar shake roof was looking worse for the wear. We went to the area to do a thorough inspection before we proceeded with any necessary repairs. When we went to the area, we saw how worn-out the exterior of the house was, especially the roof. It was quite evident that the home has been there for ages already. After careful evaluation, we suggested that a re-sheeting would be the best action he can take to ensure the quality of his roofing, which he gladly agreed to. 

Re-sheeting involves removing the existing roofing material (shiplap) and replacing it with plywood, for the very reasons we mentioned earlier on.  The moment our team got the go signal, we started working. Aside from re-sheeting, we also reflashed his chimney to leak-proof it as well as installed an attic fan to improve the ventilation in their home. 

The Perfect Roof Repair Services in the Portland Metro Area for You

Whenever people in the Portland Metro area need roof repair or replacement, they go to us for help. Our company continues to improve so we can offer our customers the most effective solutions out there. We are proud of our professional and well-seasoned roofing contractors as they always know what to do from inspection until completion of the project.  Aside from quality roofing, we also make sure our services remain budget-friendly.  Our team is straightforward and honest with our pricing.

If you need help fixing your roof, you may reach out to us, and we will gladly help you. Call us now at 503-732-7663!

A Quality Roofing Replacement in Sherwood

Damaged roofs pose different hazards if neglected. They can potentially lead to more serious problems, such as ruining the interior of your house. If you don’t get them fixed right away, they can cost you more money in the long-run.

But what are the hazards that a damaged roof can cause?

Here’s a common example. If a roof tile got loose or the grouting disintegrated and you just let it be, it can result in a leak or flooding when the rain falls (especially during a heavy downpour). And obviously, a flooded house can take weeks or even months to repair and fix. Moreover, it can cost you thousands of dollars for the whole recovery process. 

A damaged roof can also become a threat to you and your family’s physical health. Most roofs contain asbestos since it is used as an insulation material. Accordingly, you can get exposed to this substance if you do not fix your roof right away. If you are not aware of the characteristics of asbestos, here’s the lowdown—it is carcinogenic to humans! Hence, you can acquire cancer and other health-related issues. 

Another primary hazard that a damaged roof poses is an electrical fault. Water can seep through cracks in your roof and reach wirings in your house. And we all know that mixing electricity and water is never good news. If anything, it can be fatal. 

A Realtor Needs Help With a Roof Replacement in Sherwood

A realtor contacted us to ask for a second opinion concerning the property his clients wanted to buy—they were looking to buy a roof fairly desperately. And so we went to the area to do a house inspection! Upon careful examination, we found out that the roof was overdue for a replacement. 

Sherwood OR damaged roofing

Old and Damaged

For this Portland home, we first inspected everything to figure out if the property just needed a roof repair or a total replacement. Since the house had taken in lots of roof damage, we suggested that they get a replacement. A roof repair might save them money now but in the long-run, it would only double the costs. Accordingly, they gave a go signal and our team worked on it with full commitment. 

Sherwood OR roofing replacement

A New Replacement

The realtor was worried that the process could become a deal-breaker for his clients since the house was set to close in two weeks. Fortunately, we were able to do the replacement on time before the original closing date without compromising anything.

Roofing Solution in Portland Metro That Would Never Disappoint You

When you encounter a damaged roof, you should ask roofing contractors for help. Of course, you can fix it yourself if you think you have the skills for it. However, the task is not easy, and it can be dangerous. It is not like a small project where you get to follow DIY instructions on Youtube. And we don’t expect realtors and property managers going DIY with necessary roof repairs just so they can close sales. Luckily, we are here to help you!

replaced old roofing with new roofing sherwood

Whether you’re a homeowner, a homeowner-to-be, or a realtor, you may reach out to our company if you’re having any roofing problems. We operate to make sure each of our clients gets the comfort and security they need at home. We only use first-rate materials to guarantee a well-built roof for you. Call us now at 503-732-7663!

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