3 Ways To Create Success For Your Home This Fall

By Hanna Callaway

August 28, 2023

Summer is drawing to a close, and the school year is nearly upon us! Starbucks already released the pumpkin spice…so some of us are already pulling out the fall decor. With the kids headed back to school soon, there is no better time to jump start those home renovations you dreamed about all summer. Seriously! While the kids are in school, and you’re taking care of business- it’s the ideal time to get those pesky maintenance items checked off your list. No one wants to add the worry of a roof leak, or gutter malfunction to their list of to-do’s. 

Here are three things that you can do to create success for your home this fall season. 

 1. Inspect your roof for moss, shingle loss/damage and debris. With the weather changing, build up on your roof can create problems and compromised shingles are almost certain to cause leaks. You can read more about common causes for roof leaks here

2. Check to see if your gutters are clogged or pulling away from your home. If your gutter has been improperly installed, there could be damage to your roof system and your foundation. Gabe shares a prime example of what can happen with faulty gutters here! 🤯

3. Skip the starbucks line and make that pumpkin spice latte at home! Ok, I may be crossing a line with this one ....but here me out! Back to school supplies, sports and holidays…there are so many reasons to celebrate the change in seasons. Budgeting can be a healthy and smart way to reduce your stress, and create new routines that build wealth. Check out this pumpkin spice syrup you can make right at home!

At Boss Exteriors, we have great expectations for this fall season! With the calendar opening up for exterior inspections, our specialists are ready to help answer questions you have about your home. Our goal is to help you build health and wealth within your home.  Let us help you plan a successful fall season, and leave the stress out of your renovation equation. Ready to learn more about the services we offer? Click here and we’ll get in contact with you!

Hanna Callaway

About the author

I’m Hanna, and I’m the Brand Director at Boss Exteriors. I grew up in Philomath Oregon and now live in Damascus Oregon where my husband Gabe and I raise our 3 beautiful daughters. I love writing and recording music, drinking coffee and traveling.  If you bring me Chocolate or Coffee Ice cream, but make it Dairy Free I’ll be your new BFF.

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